Our projects


Consistent with brand online presence


A key factor to maximizing your online presence is creating consistency across all of media channels. Setting this as a primary goal, we created consistent online presence using best practices in UX, IX and design . We covered social networks, website, video storytelling, newsletter and event organiser.

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Video production

Storytelling / Motion graphic

Animated video was our choice for most effective storytelling. HOS story is a friendly and informal chat between visitor and social guru aka HOS.


Brand identity

ID / Brand

Architecture start with line and ends with shaped expanse. We had aspiration to combine experiance for everyday culture and express it through brand identity. We saw them as life and space in one.


Web presence


When they don't want a classic website we give them solution that doesn't diminish the value of of their work that is self sufficient.

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Landing page

SVG Velocity.js

Why landing page has to be bleak instead of fun and vigorous. Make it move and color it up. What a better way to make you appearance then use the splash entrance by creating SVG web animation.

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Video production / Motion graphic

We made new way to meet your trainer and his work.


A tool to encourage napping

As the stress and pressure of our modern lives build, it seems, there is a growing need for ways to balance the demands of our everyday obligations with our inherent need for rest and relaxation. The answer? We think a simple encouragement to nap is the key.

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Health / Design / Production

Our love for creation, research, problem solving and creativity challenged us to provide best designed stand for our computer displays and we hope yours too, so we can have more healthy, cozy and enjoyable working space and life.

Math defines the laws by which STAND was created. As in every equation we took health problems, productivity, emotional state as an known facts and through design we solved it.

So we did the math which led us to dimensions, conducive design (like cable organiser, balance nest, keyboard holder), industrial design (solid - recalculated statics, materials and colors).

Because of his extraordinary and above all thoughtful solid and quality design it is more than easy to use even without a guidance. There is just one right position how you can use it.


MENA Consumer
Trends Report

Concept & Design

In collaboration with House of Social & Crimson Hexagon we made infographics for Mena Consumer Trends Report